Luxury - Fall 2023

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Our global Luxury sales series makes its next stop in London, bringing elegant jewellery and prestigious wines to King Street. Jewels Online: The London Edit offers a selection of fine antique and modern jewellery, including coveted signed jewels from leading houses. The wine auctions will begin with Finest and Rarest Wines and Spirits on 30 November followed by an online sale offering blue-chip wines at accessible price points. Concluding our wine sales in London is the auction of The Dr A. Botenga Cellar, Six Decades of Collecting Part II on 1 December, featuring iconic 20th century classics and half bottles of Bordeaux.

Across the Atlantic in New York, Jewels Online boasts fine jewellery perfect for both enhancing your personal collection and finding the ideal holiday gift. Magnificent Jewels presents striking coloured diamonds alongside signed jewels from a variety of notable makers. For watch enthusiasts, Important Watches brings a variety of sought-after timepieces, including a Patek Philippe once owned by Andy Warhol.

Meanwhile in Geneva, don’t miss the ongoing online sales. Jewels Online boasts a broad selection of iconic designs by renowned houses at accessible price points, alongside a large collection of gold nuggets. In addition, the Passion for Time online sale offers an excellent opportunity to acquire coveted watches from this legendary single-owner collection, while Watches Online showcases a curated selection of remarkable and eye-catching timepieces.
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